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Gnome Class

This is certainly influenced by Skerple's Surly Gnome, and Roger's One Page Gnome to varying degrees. This post is designed in the style of Old School Essentials.


Requirements: No positive attribute modifiers.
Prime requisite: Wisdom
Hit Dice: 1d6
Maximum level: 8
Armor: Leather, no shields
Weapons: Any one-handed.
Experience: As cleric
Saves: As magic-user

Gnomes are small fae who have lost most of their glamor. Some never regain it, and wither away completely. Others make an effort to retrieve it by looking for new experiences, or grasping for shards of divinity cast off or lost by others, while staving off the mundane.

Adjust ability scores: In step 3 of character creation, gnomes may not lower any attributes.


 Because they are still strongly fae, they may not use armor or weapons made of metal.  This typically limits them to leather armor and spears or clubs to start.  They are also unable to use two-handed weapons on account of their being to small to leverage them effectively.

Scroll Use

A gnome can read arcane spells from scrolls, provided the spell level is no more than twice the gnomes class level.  There is a 5% chance of failure.

Lash Out

Gnomes are wicked brawlers.  Their unarmed attack does 1d4 damage, modified by their strength modifier.  

They also automatically get an attack against adjacent threats that inflict fear or cast a spell at them, whether successful or not.

When fighting unarmed or with a dagger, gnomes get one additional attack a round.

Powerful Hat

Once per day, you can remove your red felt cap and use it to negate an incoming ranged attack. The target must be you, and adjacent ally, or the area you are standing in.  The projectile or spell vanishes in your hat to no effect.  Write down everything your hat eats in this manner.  When you die, it will all come spraying back out.

Thief Skills

Gnomes gain the following thief skills as a thief of the same level: Climb sheer surfaces, hear noise, hide in shadows, move silently.  At character creation, they may also choose one of find or remove traps, open locks, or pick pockets.  Hide in shadows may also be used to hide in a wilderness setting, in a manner similar to halflings.

Cast Fae Spells

At each odd level, a gnome gets one arcnae spell it may cast once per day, determined at random.  Each even level, it may re-roll its spell selection for one level, although it may choose not to take the new result rolled.  All material components must still be supplied to cast the spell.

Craft Magical Items

At fifth level and each odd level thereafter, the gnome learns to craft one magical item, choosing from the following list of types: rings, potions, shields, swords, wands or staves, cloaks, boots, or gloves.  The gnome may then spend a month of downtime to create an item of the type listed.  The item has a 5% chance of being cursed.  The actual item created is rolled randomly, and the gnome can never create the same item twice.  The referee and player are encouraged to make sure they always have at least six such items to randomly roll from.

After Reaching 9th Level

A gnome that reaches ninth level becomes a non-player character, and regains its full fae status, transforming into a fae of some type appropriate to the setting, as determined co-operatively by the referee and player.


This is completely untested.  How out of whack is it? 

Edit log:
April 5: Made prime req saner.

Thursday, 10 December 2020

Backwards Challenge Creature: Vedoteknos, the Tortiose Kappa Abjurer

Vedoteknos, the Tortiose Kappa Abjurer


A large, ancient looking tortoise-humanoid, that moves slowly and deliberately


  • Needs to learn: always looking to read spellbooks, rituals, or instructions for making magical items.
  • Needs to eat about once a year.
  • Wants to eat magical items.
  • Wants to live forever.
  • Wants to perpetuate Kappa species.


Str 8 Dex 10 Con 16 Int 22 (27) Wis 17 Cha 16
MV 9" HD 18 AC 22 HP 11d8+3d6+14*3 (103) Att +5: Staff 1d6+2(5) blunt, target must Con save or be stunned for one round. Morale 5
Special Defense:
Mystic Halt As a bonus action, Vedoteknos can utter the name of a creature it knows the true name of, preventing it from approaching closer to him for one hour, if that target fail a Charisma save (-5). On a successful save, creature is immune to this ability for this encounter.  As a free action, has a 1 in 6 chance of guessing the true name of a creature within sixty feet of it.
Abjuring Shell  At the end of each turn, Vedoteknos picks a direction that he has his back to.  All spells targeting a target or area within sixty feet of Vedoteknos either allow a savings throw if they normally do not, or allow those affected to save with advantage.  All melee and missile attacks are at disadvantage.
Vedoteknos gets a +3 bonus to attacks originating from this area.

Old School

AC 3, MV 9”, HD 14, hp 60, #AT 1, D 2-5 (staff: 1d4+1)
MonsterSource# Enc.MoveACHD# AttacksAttack TypesDamageSaveMoraleXP
Vedoteknos, Tortoise Kappa Abjurer
EtW19"3141Staff, magic, or special
Staff 1d4+1, or restricted movement  
Stunning Blow: Stun anyone struck by Vedoteknos is stunned for one round (save to prevent). Mystic Halt: prevent any one creature from coming within sixty feet of it, if it knows your true name (lasts one day, save to prevent, can only be tried once per day), 1 in 6 chance to correctly guess someone's name each round (only one name at a time).
Abjuring Shell:
At the end of each turn, Vedoteknos picks a direction that he has his back to.  All spells targeting a target or area within sixty feet of Vedoteknos either have their DC reduced by 8, or allow a savings throw if they don't already.  All melee and missile attacks have -4 mystic penalty to hit, -8 if
Vedoteknos is the target.

Encounter Guide

  • Territory: Dry warm climates
  1. Exploring for more magic: Vedoteknos with 2d6 kappa attendants.They are experienced and armed appropriately, but inclined to avoid combat if possible.
  2. Meditating: Vedoteknos, sitting still and meditating in a place of beauty, or in the vicinity of a place of power.  Preferably both.  So still there is a 2 in 6 chance he will not be noticed.
  3. Teacher and protector: Teaching in a Kappa steadfast, and setting runic wards to enhance the integrity of defenses.

Results of Corpse

1.4' tortoise kappa shell
2.random Iouin stone
3.random amulet
4.random ring
5.4' tortoise kappa shell, random Iouin stone
6.4' tortoise kappa shell, random amulet
  • d6L: Roll two d6, take the lower result.


  • 4' tortoise kappa shell: stable if cured. Useful for natural shield, or natural breastplate for small humanoid, with potential for magical +2 bonus.

Saturday, 28 November 2020

D30 Sages

What are those sages and hermits experts at?  Roll twice on the table to see their primary and secondary specialties.  In general, sages will be able to answer any general question on their specialties. 

On their primary specialty, they will have an 85% chance (~1 in 6) to correctly answer any challenging related question, and a 75% to do so in any secondary specialties. Within five years, they can  train any human in basic proficiency in their technique.  

Similar expertise to the sage will take decades for a human.

  1. Alchemist: Brew elixir of life to reduce someone’s age by half, once.  Needs ingredients.

  2. Anthropologist: Expert in the customs, beliefs, and practices of 1d6D* ethnic groups.

  3. Archaelogist: An expert on 1d6D* dead cultures.

  4. Archery:  Aiming with a bow, hits a tiny fixed target about 85% of the time, 75% if blinded.

  5. Astronomy:  Navigates flawless at night if they can see at least half the sky.

  6. Bow and Arrow making:  Makes exceptional bows and arrows.

  7. Brewing Beer: Brews exceptional beers including some similar to potions.  No preservatives.

  8. Carpentry: Can build almost anything with a hammer, saw, chisel, and enough wood.

  9. Cosmology: Expert on inhabitants of 1d6D* other planes; can provide survival advice.

  10. Con Artist: Can lie like a champ, and equally likely to determine when others are lying.

  11. Culinary Arts:  Can turn ingredients into superb meals with heat and utensils.  Bam!

  12. Distilling: Creates liquid spirits which alter minds, or bring you to the brink of death.

  13. Herbalism: Crafts exceptional mundane pastes, salves, etc. from plants. Also a botanist.

  14. Jeweler: Can cut any precious stone to maximize its value, minimize flaws, etc.

  15. Martial Arts: Essentially, a  wuxia master.

  16. Masonry:  Build resilient and elegant structures from stone or brick, and maybe mortar.

  17. Mathematics and Numerology: Prove almost any fact, given enough information.

  18. Medicine: Accelerate healing in others. Cures or mitigate diseases and poisons.

  19. Meditation: Centers self to resist the intrusion of the outside world.

  20. Metaphysics: An expert at how this plane relates to 1d6D* others, and how to get there.

  21. Mining and Refining Ores: Expert at scouting promising mine locations, tunnel stable and traversable passages to best veins, determine extraction methods for ore, and refine the ore.  

  22. Painting or Sketching: Can reasonably portray anything they have seen in an hour.

  23. Poetry:  Writes elegant and evocative prose that brings the gods to tears.

  24. Religion:  A specialist in one religion, knows much about other religions as well.

  25. Sculpture:  The sage can express any shape possible in carved stone.  Know stonecraft.

  26. Seigecraft:  Knows techniques and practices of seiges, including counter-techniques.

  27. Smithing:  With the right tools, turn any metal, into a beautiful and functional item.

  28. Vigneron:  Make exceptional wine, know the process from the grape to the cask to the table.

  29. Weaving:  Make items from wool or grasses, and know how to raise the necessary materials. 

  30. Zoology: Knowledgeable of all creatures that exist on this plane, including a creature’s general characteristics, such as relative strength and endurance, running speed, and various behaviors (mating, territorial, rearing, hunting, and threat responses).  

* 1d6D = 1d6 rolled with disadvantage.  Roll 2d6, take the lesser result.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

My Spin On The Deck Of Many Things


  1. Dungeon (2♠): Character is instantly transported and trapped in a dungeon within four days of travel from the current location. The character's equipment other than clothes are left where the character was. with a note to his approximate location (where the entrance of the dungeon is). The character is actually restrained to a particular room (something similar to a jail cell, where movement is free but constrained to an uncomfortably small space). The character is not kept under guard, and the restraints in place may actually protect the character. There are 1d3+2 iron rations in the cell.No further draws are possible, and all cards already drawn from any deck of many things disappear
  2. Prisoner (3♠): Character is instantly transported to an encampment, caravan, or marching army within four days travel of their current location. The character is kept prisoner by those of the caravan, the majority of whom hold values strongly removed from those of the character. The character's equipment other than clothes are left where the character was, with a note to his approximate location (where the caravan is). They will feed him, but not well. They will not kill him or permanently injure him for at least a week, and as much as two (6+1d8 days). After that, who knows? No further draws are possible, and all cards already drawn from any deck of many things disappear
  3. Desperation (4♠): The card turns into a small, stiff card of wood with the word "Desperation" written on it in the character's native language. When the card is snapped in two, each half becomes a simple steel dagger, positioned in the most helpful way possible for the character who snaps it (without being embedded into the vitals of another creature–if the card is held in hand, this can count as weapons in hand/quickdraw). The card cannot be unintentionally broken, so you won't get daggers in your pocket stabbing you, but if it's intentionally placed in such a way that it becomes productive, it will break when appropriate pressure is placed on it (e.g. shoving it into a door crack to wedge the door shut). If the card is taken by someone other than the character who drew the card, it will magically return to the character who drew it within 1d6 turns, as soon as the character who took it tries to take it, or as soon as the character who drew it starts to look at it, whichever is most favorable to the drawing character. Once the character who drew the card gives the card to someone else, these protections are gone, and anyone can take the card freely.
  4. A Debt Paid (5♠): The card turns into a small wooden card or plaque with a horn burnt into it. When the card is broken, it emits the sound of a single horn, in a long, loud blast. If broken in a tightly enclosed space, everyone in the space must make a save or be deafened. This triggers a wandering monster check if appropriate. Within 1d6 minutes, a re-inforcement will arrive that is very friendly to the character who broke the card–either a loyal retainer, or a group that is paying a debt owed to the character. The reinforcement will total as many HD as the character who used the card, and will have unusually strong morale (old school: morale 11, +1 to hit). They will extract the character and any colleagues whom are convenient to reach, and then withdraw (either with or without the card breaker, at the card breaker's choice). If the card is taken by someone other than the character who drew the card, it will magically return to the character who drew it within 1d6 turns, as soon as the character who took it tries to take it, or as soon as the character who drew it starts to look at it, whichever is most favorable to the drawing character. Once the character who drew the card gives the card to someone else, these protections are gone, and anyone can take the card freely.
  5. Emergency Use (6♠): As Desperation (4♠), except one weapon is summoned, of the character's choice. It has a +3 bonus to hit and damage, and does an additional 1d6 damage of one of the following types (of the card breaker's choice): electrical, cold, fire radiant, or nether. The weapon remains enchanted until the next dusk or dawn, whichever is later, at which point it becomes a mundance masterwork weapon of the same type.
  6. Cavalry (7♠): As A Debt Paid (5♠), except 2d4 x Character Level HD are summoned, and remain in position to reinforce the card drawer until the next dusk or dawn, whichever is later.
  7. Assassin (8♠): An old man appears to ask the character whom they would most like to see eliminated from their life, then disappears when the question is answered, or if attacked. The old man is a 10th level assassin, and will use a smoke bomb to aid in evasion. He wears a ring that allows him to poerform an ethereal jaunt 3x per day. If the old man is answered, then that person will be attacked by an 8th level assassin within a week of the character answering. The assassin is equipped with a magical +3 weapon, is very effective at evasion, and has reasonable tools to mitigate the strengths and defenses of the character to be assassinated. That does not mean the assassin has something to nullify every single resource the target has.
  8. Bodyguard (9♠): Nothing happens immediately when the card is drawn, but the card disappears. As soon as the character who drew the card moves to the next room, they will become aware that they have a bodyguard right beside them.
  9. Keep (10♠): The character becomes aware of a small fortified structure such as a tower or fort made from locally available material, and manned by 5d6 soldiers of first level from the local population. These soldiers are completely loyal to the character in question, based on that character's exploits, and hold similar values to those of the character in question. (In an old school sense, they have the same alignment and a morale of 10 before modifiers). The soldiers are all 1 HD (despite the kind of creatures they are). The seargent in charge of these soldiers is 3 HD and has a morale of 11, but otherwise similar. The soldiers are all equipped with the local equivalent of medium armor (chain, scale, heavy hide, etc.), a decent missile weapon (bows, slings, crossbows, etc.), a decent melee weapons for formation fighting and repelling invaders (spears, or polearms), skirmishing weapons (short swords, hand axes, or war hammers), small shields, and a reasonable supply of ammunition for defense (50 per defender, or a dozen javelins or throwing axes). The structure has a well and food stores. There is a room, 150 square feet in size, which is reserved for the character.


  1. Nemesis ( 2♥): The card turns into a mirror, facing you. Your reflection steps out of the card. Your reflection looks like you (but mirrored), and acts almost like you, but is opposed to you philosophically, with the exception that it will run away, and begin equipping itself to kill you. The equipment it carries is as magical as anything you have, for one week, after which it turns mundane. It has a spellbook if you do (written in mirror writing, of course). It will not directly attack you unless it believes it is almost certain to win, and it will attack you even if it is otherwise a complete pacifist.
  2. Change of Heart ( 3♥): If using strong alignment enforcement: If not true neutral, alignment swaps to opposite value on chart. If alignment has no neutral component, 1d6: 1-3: lawful/chaotic swap; 4-6: good/evil swap.If not using strong alignment enforcement, but using allegiences, you suddenly becomes convinced an allegience has betrayed you, and you work to undermine that organization.
  3. Warped ( 4♥): You gain one of the following afflictions. d6:
    1. Warped Speech: Your speech is affected in the following way, and take 1 Constitution damage per minute you speak without following these rules d6:
      1. Rhyming: You speak in verse. It can be bad.
      2. One Vowel: You can only speak with one vowel sound (whenever you say a vowel sound, it has to sound like this). d6:
        1. long A as in "hay"
        2. long O as in "boat"
        3. the sound of the second syllable of "about"
        4. short A as in "bat"
        5. long I as in "bile"
        6. long U as in "lute"
    2. Warped Body: Your body is modified, like it was made of wax, melted, and then reset. d6:
      1. Warped Legs: Your legs grow together slightly, making it difficult to wear pants, and hobbling your movement, so that your maximum speed is reduced by 10' per round.
      2. Warped Short Arms: Your arms grow shorter and spindley, so that you can no longer touch the top of your head or hips. You are unable to wield a two handed weapon, and you cannot carry a heavy load.
      3. Warped Mouth: Your mouth gets modified. While this impacts appearance, and the ability to consume food or beverages, it does not impact the ability to cast spells. d6:
        1. Teeth all fall out
        2. Your face stays the same, but your mouth can no longer open wider than two inches.
        3. Your jaw gets turned into a giant butterfly mouth: you have a long probiscus, two inches wide, and six feet long, which curls up when not eating. Your food needs to be six feet away from you when you eat, and it needs to be liquified.
        4. Your mouth turns into a duck bill.
        5. Your mouth gets turned into a preying mantis mouth
        6. Your mouth gets turned into an ant's mouth
      4. Warped Torso: In call cases, you will require custom armor to be made for you. d4:
        1. You grow a massive hump on your back that takes up 20lbs. of encumberance or 2 inventory slots. You suffer a -1 to Breath/Dexterity saves.
        2. Your torso grows incredibly spindly. You take a -2 to reaction rolls with typical creatures of your race and those familiar with them.
        3. Your body becomes puffy and bloated, to the point that your torso is almost literally ball shaped, and your skin color changes for your entire body. d6:
          1. Shades of blue
          2. Shades of orange
          3. Shades of scarlet
          4. Black and white splotches (like a holstein cow)
          5. Green and purple tiger stripes
          6. Orange with Blue giraffe spots
        4. Your skin and body hair texture changes for your entire body, to the point that wearing anything heavy on it is distractingly uncomfortable. d6:
          1. Snakeskin
          2. Bird skin, with your hair turning to feathers of the same color.
          3. Your hair gets long and furry (like an English sheepdog). If cut, it grows back about an inch an hour. +2 to saves vs. cold.
          4. Your skin becomes ebony or ivory, smooth, and slightly rubbery.
          5. Your skin becomes a fine, silverly covered material, like a very very find mesh. Your blood becomes dark black.
          6. Your skin and muscles become transparent.
      5. Warped Features: Your face changes. d6:
        1. Your skull is doubled in height, half in your skull being pulled upwards, and half in your chin being pulled down.
        2. Your skull is doubled in width. You can't wear helms that would fit a human's head.
        3. Your eyes, nose, mouth, and chin are all increased in size by 50%, without the rest of your head size changing.
        4. Your eyes, nose, mouth, and chin are all decreased in size by 33%, without the rest of your head size changing.
        5. Your eyes turn a solid color.
        6. The whites of your eyes glow a particular color.
          If you don't have a favourite color table already, you could use this:
          d8: 1. red; 2. green; 3. blue; 4. cyan; 5. olive; 6. maroon; 7. mustard; 8. violet
      6. Warped Long Arms: Your arms grow much longer, so that your knuckles drag along the ground if you let them hang. Your reach is out to 10 feet (if you are human sized), but you have difficulty holding your arms straight that far out. You can now only wield light weapons.
    3. Warped Appetite: You must now eat one pound of the following each meal. Normal food makes you nauseous to smell up close, and you vomit it up within 1d6x10 seconds. 1d6, roll twice, either satisfies, both are appetizing to you:
      1. Fresh uncooked meat, with blood still steaming
      2. Insects, still living
      3. Fresh animal excrement, or fresh durian
      4. Raw onions, garlic, or leaks
      5. Rusted metal
      6. Alcohol
        • 1 pint is 80% of a pound. of pure alcohol, and enough for this measure–the less pure, the worse it will feel. 80% is good, 100% is delicious. If it previously made you drunk, it still does. If it previously injured your body, it still does.
    4. Warped Sight: The distance you can clearly see is now reduced to 20 feet. Things from 20-40 feed are blurry, and can be treated as though they are partially obscured. Anything beyond that cannot be clearly seen.
    5. Warped Soul: Mindless undead ignore you. In any month in which you don't sacrifice a sentient being, you gain no XP.
    6. Warped Hearing: When others speaks, you hear them as only the faintest whisper. Joyful laughter gives you the same impression most people get from fingernails dragged down a chalkboard, and screams of pain or terror cause you to giggle (save to avoid).
  4. Nightmares ( 5♥): You have nightmares about falling, drowning, or being consumed by a grue. Whenever you are at risk of falling, drowning, or going through a place that is completely lightless (once per turn), roll a d% and a d6: If the d6 is greater than the d%, you start to fall, drown, or are attacked by a grue (respectively). Others can help you, if there are others around.
  5. Parallel Dimensional Shunt ( 6♥): You are shunted form another parallel universe, where you are almost exactly the same, except you are a different creature. Roll on the reincarnation table for your setting to determine your new species. Your character loses all species abilities and bonuses of your old species, and gain the species abilities of your new species. Your character sheet otherwise remains the same.Because you are now playing a character from an alternate timeline, you may have cosmetic differences in appearance (even if you are of the same species as the previous version of your character). Your relationships with other NPCs may be similar, but not identical, but the parallel dimension is close enough that you will be able to identify their analogs in this dimension within five minutes of meeting them, and they you. This might mean your enemies in this dimension are less invested in styming you personally because you're not their enemy, the previous you was.
  6. Kinesthetic Genius ( 7♥): You know exactly how high you can safely jump or climb before you do so, and decide whether you will do so. Similarly, you know exactly how long you will be able to hold your breath before you do so.
  7. Centered ( 8♥): When rolling a save, roll two dice and take the better one. If you have advantage or disadvantage, it only applies to the first of these two rolls. When it is a save to avoid being moved or charmed, roll three dice instead of two.
  8. Ponce de Leon ( 9♥): When you draw this card, you become ten years younger (or half your age, whichever reduces your age least), any major scars you have become minor scars, while pre-existing minor scars disappear, and any amputations heal. You do not reduce in age below sexual maturity.
  9. Arisen Again ( 10♥): This card turns into a small wooden plaque. When deliberately broken, a clone of you starts grows out of the card, growing to full size in one turn (ten minutes). The clone is in hibernation, and will remain so until you die, at which point it will be a beacon for your soul, and will reanimate when your soul arrives within 1d6 hours. If your soul now belongs to some other entity, there is a 50% chance that the other entity will collect the soul before it re-animates the clone. If the card is taken by someone other than the character who drew the card, it will magically return to the character who drew it within 1d6 turns, as soon as the character who took it tries to take it, or as soon as the character who drew it starts to look at it, whichever is most favorable to the drawing character. Once the character who drew the card gives the card to someone else, these protections are gone, and anyone can take the card freely.


  1. All Tied Up ( 2♦): When you draw this card, you are removed from outerware, and any baggage, and are hobbled by iron leg manacles and a ball and chain to your right ankle, and restrained by iron manacles holding your hands behind your back. Your goods end up in a pile within five feet of you, arranged as you instantly wish.
  2. Misplaced ( 3♦): The most expensive item you are carrying disappears.
  3. I Forgot My Wallet ( 4♦): All currency and bullion you own disappears. No further draws are possible, and all cards already drawn from any deck of many things disappear
  4. A New Beginning ( 5♦): When you draw this card, you find a Conestoga wagon has appeared behind you. This wagon has a white hemp cover over the ribbing, has a barrel containing a hogshead of fresh water, three weeks of iron rations, a one gallon cast iron cauldron, an 15" cast iron skillet, flint and steel, 100 feet of hemp rope, four heavy quilt blankets, and a bundle of hay.Underneath the wagon, there is a spare wheel mounted. The wagon is pulled by a pair of oxen.Inside the wagon is a map through local terrain to an unsettled area that is relatively safe and has good resources for establishing a thriving community (water, good soil, and 2d2 useful resources), including potential allies within twelve miles who will not compete for that space.
  5. Wet Tarts ( 6♦): You find a map to a lake or river (possibly underground), which is defended by a fiercesome beast, but which also contains a magical weapon (usually a sword) said to have been previously wielded by great heroes of legend–typically conquerors and kinds. The treasure is within thirty miles.The map hints at the nature of the guardian, but does not indicate exactly what it is, or exactly how to defeat it.
  6. Holy Treasure ( 7♦): When you draw this map, you will find yourself in possession of a scroll case containing a detailed map to a dungeon of some sort containing a treasure that is holy to your religion. The treasure will be locaed within thirty miles.If your character is non-religious, the treasure is instead an item that would be highly useful in a philosophical way to someone of your character's philosophy (whether it is one consciously practiced or not).
  7. Get Out Free ( 8♦): When you draw this card, you receive a palm-sized ivory plaque. Burnt into the front is a pair of wings. When the card is broken, you receive a black knapsack. On the outside is a pocket with a flint & steel, and a sharp pocket knife, all three fastened to the inside of the pocket with ten-inch tethers of hemp cord through rings in one end of each of the pieces.On the inside are five sacks. The first one contains a blackened bulls-eye lantern, and a two pint wooden canteen in a furry black goat-skin sack. The caps of the canteens have tethers to the goatskin sack. Each canteen contains two pints of oil.The second sack, made of black wool, contains a dark leather bundle, which when unrolled has 8 blackened iron files of different coarseness.The third cask, also made of black wool, contains a three inch depth of wool padding on the inside, protecting a glass bottle with highly corrosive acid. The bottle is plugged with a glass stopper with a wire contraption from the neck of the bottle holding the stopper in.The fourth sack–oiled black wool for waterproofing–contains six small sticks of dyanmite, each with a 15 second cord feeding into it. The cords have three second markings along their lengths.The final sack, again oiled black wool, contains a scroll case with fairly reliable map of the local area and the structure you are in. "Fairly reliable" means it does not show secret doors that do not lead directly to an exit, but it shows patrol routes and timing for typical guards, and paths of travel away from the location you are at.
  8. Windfall ( 9♦): All of your material wealth doubles, do to a boon in productivity of your investments specifically.
  9. Twice as Nice ( 10♦): One non-artifact item of your choice that you are currently carrying is duplicated completely. The duplicate is completely identical.


  1. Dumbfounded (2♣): You are blinded, deafened, and unable to talk. You cannot cast spells.
  2. Deathsight (3♣): You see everything as they will likely be when they die: fruit looks shrivelled, people and animals look old and withered, as do plants, steel items look rusted, and ceramics filled with cracks. The sky looks almost starless, or with only one giant star (but not a sun), while the sun consumes the whole sky. Or, you know, whatever your DM says, but this is it. Undead, though, they are all pointing to where they need to be hit to cease existing.Character gets -2 on all saves, and to on all checks to notice details (investigations, people sneaking up on them). On the plus side, they get a +2 bonus to hit undead, and undead have a -2 penalty to save against their spells. In addition, for undead who can only be killed with a certain item, or with the destruction of a particular item, they see what that item is in their vision, or exactly what it looks like, and in what direction they need to go to get that item. They also can't tell the difference what state of health their allies or enemies are in, because they see them all as on death's door.
  3. Weather Sense (4♣): You know what the weather is going to be at least an hour before it shifts. You know about big storms coming 4d20 hours before they get there. When you feel a big storm coming, you take a -1 to checks for physical activities,
  4. CreatureSiblings (5♣): General awareness of creatures of a given type nearby. This lets you know of the specific composition of the closest group of such creatures within 100 yards (reduced to one third if underground). This information would include number of members, general physical maturity (child, youth, adult, elder), and general strength (weak, typical, strong), Information on groups of such creatures further away, or within range but further than the nearest group are more general, limited to rough numbers ("single", "a couple" (2-4), "many" (4-12), "multitudes" (10+). The kind of creature detected is (1d10): 1. Large insects; 2. Rodents; 3. Small birds; 4. Eagles, hawks, falcons, and owls; 5. Felines; 6. canines; 7. Predatory lizards; 8. Sharks; 9. Large herd mammals (horses, yak, antelope, deer, zebras, Ornithischia); 10. Very large herd animals (elephants, rhinoceri, Sauropoda). To a limited degree, you can speak with members of your "type" telepathically.
  5. Direction Sense (6♣): You are unfailingly aware of which direction is north, and which direction is up. Any attempts to fool with that (teleportation of any sort) will be sensed by you. This is a sense beyond the normal five senses.
  6. Time Sense (7♣): Your knowledge of the passage of time is extremely accurate. You know to within a minute what the current time is.
  7. Earthsense (8♣): You have an idea of the topography and layout of tunnels and pockets in detail within 80 feet. This includes details of the surfaces (firm, crumbling, gravel, sandy, dry, wet), their composition (kind of rock, soil, and weather earth is sandy or loamy [clay-like?]). Beyond that out to about 240 feet, you have a general idea of layout, but not of any details, nor of "pockets" or the layout behind walled-off areas. This does not extend to surfaces you are not touching, and so does not work if you are flying, or if you are about to step through a portal, or onto a flying castle until you are actually on it.
  8. Lifesight (9♣): You can see all living things within 30' feet, even through walls. For anything that is sick, injured, or under physical distress, you can see the cause, and get an intuitive sense of how to alleviate it, although you don't gain any sort of mystical ability to modify the living things.Similarly, you can tell if a creature is being affected by some sort of affliction such as a curse, disease, negative energy, and so on.
  9. Clarity (10♣): Regardless of damage to your body, or modifications made to it, you are aware of everything within thirty feet of your body in a visual and auditory way. This awareness does not require sight or hearing (so you can be blind and deafened and still have that full awareness, even in full darkness). This awareness does not make you vulnerable to visual- or sound-based effects, such as petrifying or charming gazes, hypnotic patterns, or bard songs, although seeing with your eyes or hearing with your ears (as appropriate) still does.You also become extremely aware of everything within five feet of you: able to tell how they taste, smell, and feel by focusing your attention appropriately (this does not require concentration for general impressions, but may if you are looking for fine details). Again, this awareness does not trigger effects that actually tasting, smelling, or touching those items would cause.If you are already affected by Dumbfounded (2♣), this card instead negates it. Similarly, if you draw Dumbfounded after drawing this card, it instead cancels this effect.

Major Arcana (16)

  1. Death (A♠): Roll a d20; if it's an 11 or greater, you name someone to die: that person dies immediately of some natural or reasonable cause (e.g. assassination for a ruler, falling off a roof for a thatcher), and you gain one treasured heirloom of theirs, and a strong relationship to someone who was devoted to the dead person.If you roll below an 11, you instead must battle death by yourself. If you anyone else joins you, they must also battle their own death. Death: HD: your level +2, weapon: scythe: +5 (Death's HD as a bonus to hit), immune to charms, enchantements, No cards can be used against Death, except for Emergency Use (6♠) and Desperation (4♠). If the character dies fighting Death, they can not be resurrected except by a wish or miracle spell. If Death is defeated, it's body and possessions disappear, and the character who's Death it was gains XP equal to 5% of its current total. Any character stepping in to assist instead ends up fighting their own Death.If the roll is a natural 1, you still die, but continue to act as if living for another 2d3 days.
  2. The Void (J♠): The character, along with it's equipment is transported to the Astral plane (or the Shadow plane, or somewhere similar), with only what they have on them. No further draws are possible, and all cards already drawn from any deck of many things disappear
  3. Justice (Q♠): You get an ivory plaque showing an eye with a knife poked through it. When you break the card, anything that happens to you happens to the person who inflicts it, or to their leader if they are acting on orders. If someone takes it on their own initiative to poke out your eye, their eye will be injured in the same way. If they are ordered by someone else to do it, the person granting the order will receive the injury instead. This is true for all physical injuries. If your oldest child is injured, the appropriate person's oldest child is also injured. Similarly with their favourite spouse. If there is no correlating person for the initiator of the injury, the effect happens to the direct initiator of that action.If you or someone you care about loses your freedom of movement (e.g. by imprisonment), so does the direct initiator of this effect.Roll 1d6 each evening at sunset. On a 6, this effect ends.
  4. The Emperor (K♠): Roll 1d6: On a 1-3, you are covered with an illusion to appear as the lord of the local land, and everyone around you is similarly covered with an illusion to appear to be part of the retinue of the local lord. The terrain around you is transformed by an illusion to appear as the court of the local lord.
    On a 4-6, you are switched with the local lord, and your body and equipment is altered to look like the local lord. Those around you believe you to be the local lord, regardless of what you do, unless they look at you with true seeing. Only a wish can strip the change off of you. The local lord is modified to look just like you.
  5. The Fool ( A♥): You take a -2 to all saves, or roll at disadvantage (your choice). If the result would kill you, you instead are reduced to 1d6 hit points.When encountering creatures, you may say a short phrase to re-roll the reaction roll within three rounds.Each morning and each evening, roll a 1d6. If you roll a 6, this effect ends. Otherwise, you gain the result times 1,000 XP. If you die, this effect ends, and you roll a d6: on a result of 4+, regardless of how mutilated your body was, you wake up the next morning unhurt, with the equipment you were wearing when you died. Both your body and your equipment are in good (if slightly rougher) condition than they were the morning before, although all charges in magic items are halved (rounding up) or have their exhaustion die reduced by one step (as appropriate for your campaign). You appear 1d6x250 feet in a random direction resting on a solid surface with easy access to the ground and to relatively open air. [DMs, interpret this to mean it's not hard for them to get away under their own power, if they're not foolish about it. Don't interpret this to mean they're somewhere highly visible, and that they'll just get killed again shortly by local armed forces or monsters. This is a beneficial major arcana card, and just drawing a card is already a dumb risk they won, so give them the benefit of the doubt for this one.]
  6. The Magician ( J♥): All hexes and curses on you are removed, and each one is distributed to someone at random within 1d6x100 feet. Any polymorph effect on you end. Until the next dawn or dusk (whichever is later), you may cast dispel magic once per turn (10 minutes) as a reaction. You may permanently cast dispel magic once per day, regardless of your form, or of how you are bound or gagged. You gain a third eye or a third nipple, or if you have both, you gain a halo emitting a hue of light as determined by your GM.
  7. The Devil ( Q♥): You become possessed by one of the following (d6): 1. A devil; 2. A demon; 3. An angel; 4. An ancestor; 5. A megalomaniacal magic user who has been trapped for 5d20 decades without a body; 6. A wrongfully killed soul. No further draws are possible, and all cards already drawn from any deck of many things disappear
  8. Lovers ( K♥): Within the next two miles of travel, you meet your soulmate, whom you recognize as such, and who recognizes you as such in return. Your soulmate will be completely trustworthy and loyal to you for so long as you are loyal to your soulmate, and will try to understand your thoughts and actions, and take them in the best way possible. Your soulmate is also every bit as capable as you, in their own way.If you ever betray your soulmate, you will earn their ceaseless and complete enmity.
  9. The World ( A♦): You lose all levels of exhaustion, all levels of fear, and gain 2d8 temporary hit points that last until they are lost (like all temporary hit points, they cannot be healed). You may choose one of the following as a permanent benefit:
    1. You gain one feat of your choice, provided you meet pre-requisites.
    2. You gain +2d6 hit points, and a +1 luck bonus to any of your saves or your AC against the first attack against you each round.
    3. You gain resistance to one kind of attack type, or you may eliminate vulnerability to a particular attack type.
    4. You learn one new spell of level equal to (half your maximum spell level)+1. This spell must come from the core book for your game, or from another book your GM indicates is acceptable.
    5. You know that you may make a wish. 1d61: Wish granted without malice in the fulfillment of the wish; 2-3: Wish granted. Any items obtained through the wish were retrieved from another source that 1d61-2: Knows your name and roughly where you are when you make the wish (within 50 mile radius); 3-4: Knows your name and where you've spent the most time in the last decade (within 50 mile radius); 5-6: Knows where you are at all times); 4: Wish granted. The character that hates you most gets the same benefit. 5: Wish granted. The character you hate the most gets the same benefit. 6: as both 4 & 5.
  10. The Sun ( J♦): Everything's looking up. Reduce your exhaustion level by two steps. Remove any fearconditions or rage conditions. If you are injured, heal half the damage you are currently carrying. All of your charged magical items gain a charge, other than those providing Wishes or Miracles of any sort.Make saves against any curses, hexes, poisons, charms, or geas currently affecting you. If you succeed, that effect is nullified.You may make a Constitution check for each harmful mutation you have. On a success,
you remove that mutation. Keep rolling through all harmful mutations until you have at least one success.
You gain one inspiration. If you already have inspiration, you can grant this inspiration to any other player character at the table.If you are researching anything, gain 2d3 weeks of successful research on that project. Alternatively, if you are building or crafting something, gain 2d3 weeks of progress on that project.If you are undead, or an extraplanar creature that lives to save souls for your cause, your body is burned to ash and you cease to exist on the prime material plane for 1d6x1d20 centuries. No further draws are possible, and all cards already drawn from any deck of many things disappear
  1. The Moon ( Q♦): You may re-roll any saves against unwilling changes to your emotional state (including becoming enraged, fear, or being calmed).Each morning at sunrise and each evening at sunset, roll 1d6. On a 6 this effect ends. Otherwise, you gain the result in Potential dice in your Potential dice pool. At any time (even after results are revealed), you may roll one or more Potential dice (up to the number available in your pool), and add them to the results of a saving throw. Potential dice are d6s. Unspent dice can be spent to give you a +1 on a specific save until the next sunrise or sunset (whichever is later), and do not stack with each other. Your pool empties immediately before you roll for a new pool at sunrise or sunset.
  2. The Star ( K♦): You are completely healed, leaving no scars or blemishes. Amputations will also be healed, as will other grevious injuries including head wounds, blinded or missing eyes, deafness, injuries to your reproductive system, or anything that physically hampers your ability to move your body in relatively normal ways. Your body is turned back to a temporal age that is just at the start of adulthood, although you keep all your experiences. Your body physically ages at half the rate your species would normally age at.Any hexes, curses, spells, insanity, enchantments, or charms on you are also removed.If you are souless, a new soul is generated for you. This may change your personality. If you are undead, you are returned back to life.You gain a permanent +1 to the base of all your savings throws, and +1d12 hit points.
  3. The Hermit (A♣): You are removed from the world, to a small hut on a distant mountain top for 1d6 weeks per character level. During this time, scrying and divination effects will not work on you, and you can not summon intelligent creatures to you, except through the use of a wish spell. Each morning, a bowl of food is mystically left at your front door while you are not looking, as are any clothes or items you decided you needed the day before. Worldly items not being used for the construction of something disappear when you fall asleep or meditate. Any geas, hex, curse, poison, or disease affecting you is removed.During this time, you may do the following without having to pay for consumables or materials:
    • Spell research: This works exactly as spell research would otherwise work, except you do not pay for any consumables.
    • Divine worship: This works exactly as divine research would otherwise work, except you are not required to pay a tithe.
    • Item construction: This works exactly as item construction would otherwise work, except you are not required to pay for materials or consumables
    • Meditation: You gain 1d6x100 XP that week, and one of the following:
      1. Babyl's Gift: Learn a new language, both spoken and written. Negotiate with the GM on the particular language (to make sure it's potentially part of the campaign).
      2. Nature's Shape: Once per week, you may change shape to one particular form from the following: mouse, gecko, sparrow, goose, house cat, pony, yak, or brown bear. Your form for each of these creatures is always the same, so someone who has seen you before can identify you. You maintain the shape until you change to another creature form, or back to your own naturla form. You may not cast spells or use activated feats while in animbabyal forms.
      3. Enforced Tranquility: You may delay your rage or any other strong emotion for up to one turn (ten minutes) for each week you've meditated on this ability.
      4. Jade Body: Once per week, with one turn of meditation, you may cure yourself of a disease, or gain one hit die of hit points back.
      5. Internal Spring: You gain 1 ki, unless you already have more than 1.5x<your level> ki, in which case you gain 1 hp.
      6. Water Form: At will, you may transform your body to water for one round, allowing you to flow through cracks, and making you immune to physical attacks. If you have this ability already more than 1/4 x character level, you instead gain 1 hp..
  4. The Hanged Man (J♣): You may re-roll saves for all effects on you. For effects that have no save but which you would like removed, you save on an 18+. You may re-roll to learn any spell you have attempted to learn in the past, learning it if you succeed on this roll.For every rumor you have picked up, you know whether they are true, false, or partially true. For this last type, you learn which part of the rumor is true.Permanently, once per day, you may cast True Strike as a reaction, once per day you may use a skill as though you had rolled a natural 20, and once per week you may declare yourself to have True Sight for one round.
  5. The Judgement (Q♣): You are judged by a higher power. Roll a d6
    On a result of 3 or less, you are stripped of your items, and imprisoned on one of the following plains. d6:
    1. Hell: You wander on one of the planes of hell, Gehenna. Hot ash and sand is always flying about, filling your eyes, ears, nostrils, and mouth, and you live in constant irritation and pain.
    2. Limbo: You are lost in the foggy grey plain of Limbo.
    3. Hades: You are stuck in the dark and drearyrealm of Hades
    4. Abyss: You a prisoner on one of the 666 layers of the abyss.
    5. You are trapped in a bewildering pocket dimension on the edge of primal chaos.
    6. You are incarcerated in an oubliette on the plane of lawful mechanistic clockwork precision
    If a 4 or higher is rolled, you are instead marked with that higher power's mark:
    1. Mon Ma: You are resistant to damage from fire attack. If you already have that ability, you are immune to fire attacks from extraplanar creatures.
    2. Aad Ma: You are resistant to damage from poison attacks. If you already have that ability, you are immune to diseases or poisons inflicted by extra-planar creatures.
    3. Hades: When you are on an outer plane, you have no need for food, beverages, or air, and no desire to use them.
    4. Abyss: When you are presented with a contract, touching the contract instantly gives you an awareness of any clauses that you will be unhappy with. At will, you may also negate any bonds or restraints placed upon you by an outsider, unless it is a term of a contract which has met the appropriate pre-conditions, if any.
    5. You have the ability to open portals from pocket dimensions or from the Primal Chaos itself directly to a location with d100 miles of a place you intend to go to on the Prime Material plane.
    6. Once per day, at will, you may negate a wild magical spell effect, an effect of chaos magic (including magical or supernatural effects created by aberrant creatures), or negate all the abilities of a particular fae creature until the end of your next rest, including highly fae or magical elves, but not "civilized" or "mundanized" elves.
    No further draws are possible, and all cards already drawn from any deck of many things disappear.
  6. The Tower (K♣): You are teleported to a dark tower in a desert. There you are instantly placed into a deep magical sleep as the prisoner. You require no sustenance or even air. The tower is locked, guarded by a fierce beast and has two protections. The beast has at least twice your hit dice, is unaffected by the defenses, and is, d8:
    1. Blue dragon
    2. Copper dragon
    3. Sphinx
    4. Guardian Naga
    5. Mummy
    6. Efreet
    7. Djinni
    8. Hydra
    First defense, d6:
    1. Moat: filled with pirhanas and crocidiles.
    2. Dry moat: Filled with poisonous vipers hiding in sand.
    3. Permanent sandstorm: difficult to see or breathe, chance each turn of taking damage from environment, get through on a 5+ on a d6.
    4. Poison gas: The tower is surrounded by unbreathable yellow corrosive gas.
    5. Vaccum: the tower is surrounded by 1 mile thick bubble of vaccuum.
    6. Magically dark: The tower is surrounded by a dome of darkness which is 1 mile thick.
    Second defense, d6:
    1. Fireballs: launch every minute from a window on the tower in a parapolic trajectory, doing 5d6 damage when they impact (usual saves apply).
    2. Lightning: bolts of lightning arc from the antena at the apex of the tower once each minute, doing 6d6 damage when they impact.
    3. Giant Cyber-Wasps: A swarm of giant cybernetic wasps emit from a nest built around the top of the tower. 
      AC 4, HD 3, #AT 3 D 1d6 (poison 1d6). If the swarm is destroyed, it will regenerate in a turn
    4. Robohyenas: A pack of 2d3+2 robotic dingos. AC 6. HD 3, #AT 1 D 1d6, target knocked down on maximum damage, and target of subsequent attacks until it gets back up.
    5. Each turn, a blue light will illuminate one of your party, petrifying them for one turn (save as normal to negate).
    6. Each turn while outside the tower, a green light will attempt to possess one of your party. The possession lasts for a turn, and then recharges. Save as normal to negate.
    Way to wake up prisoner so they can leave the castle, although there may be consequences, d6:
    1. True Love's Kiss: They must be kissed .
    2. Limbo: You are lost in the foggy grey plain of Limbo.
    3. Touch of Home: Sprinkle the soil of the character's homeland on them to wake them up in a turn.
    4. Full of Spirit: Pour two quarts of 80 proof or better alcohol down the prisoner's throat.
    5. Full of Fire: pour two pints of lamp oil down the prisoner's throat, then light their breath on fire. This might work better if cayenne or hot paprika is sprinkled on their tongue first.
    6. Cryotherapy: Freeze the target for one turn to stress their metabolism into waking up.