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The Very Hungry Caterpillars & Butterflies

Short Post: For this month's Blog Carnival challenge (" it's not easy being green "), I put together a 30 Minute Dungeon around a special place in a jungle or rain forest which is frequented by butterflies and their offspring each year.  Also, if anyone knows who created this particular image, in parody of the Very Hungry Caterpillar, I'd appreciate a clue. Thanks! 
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Empedocles' Feast Framework

Link to Google Doc version to this draft: This was prompted as part of the March 2024 Blog Carnival, with a topic of " Feasts, Foods, & Fancy Drink, oh my! " Edit: Here's the month end round up of this prompt . Tables to generate feasts in my Tressagros setting, which is vaguely reminiscent of the Mediterranean coast in the late Roman Empire.  Gods honored are noted in parentheses. The tables are broken into four sections:  who and what the feast is for, what happens, intentionally or not, what’s served (meager hosts might not have all courses, wealthier hosts provide more options), and what does one’s behavior earn them. The Event Who Throws the Feast?  1d6L (1d6L: roll two dice, usee the lower) A freehold farmer who has benefited from the PC’s actions. A merchant the PCs frequently supply or purchase from. A local priest or lay religious officer A local mayor or council

Mondenberg Notes: Shadow Magic

 What follows is a set of shadow magic spells, some of which are clear callbacks to AD&D1e, old Magic: the Gathering cards, or ideas inspired by old fantasy or sci-fi novels.  I want to believe that others are completely original, but I suspect that's wishful thinking on the part of my conscious self. This post was prompted by this month's Blog Carnival topic: Illusions & Delusions , which prompted me to wrap up most of these spells that were written for my Mondenberg setting.   Shadow Magic Spells Shadow magic focuses strongly on the plane of shadows, confounding perception, and taking actions without being detected. Shadow magic is powerful in certain aspects, but is notably weak in some ways:  Creatures in sunlight receive a +4 on their saves, creatures under the light of a full moon receive a +2 bonus on their saves, and creatures under a half-moon or better get a +1 bonus on their saves.  Conversely, creatures in shadow–that is in a dark patch created by light near